Due to some PalmOS versions' bug, graphical displays may be altered when they extend below the drawing window

Due to some bug(s) in PalmOS' serial library, Tungsten T3 don't work.
It seem's there's a patch available :

From: Carsten Kurz 

There is a commercial patch that solves the T3 communication problem. It
makes the RTS/CTS bridge unnecessary and solves the waypoint/route
upload problem as well, with GPilotS and Pathaway.

Could someone with a GPS12, GPSII/III/72/76/60C/CS, StreetPilot, etc.
try this for all transfer methods, that is W/R/T download, W/R/T upload?

I don't like the idea of paying for a bugfix - but if Palm is not
interesting in fixing serious bugs, then this seems to be the only
solution ...

- Carsten

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