version 5.0
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GPilotS allows connection between a PalmPilot and a Garmin GPS in order to take advantage of the memory and the ergonomics of the PalmPilot to store, create and edit waypoints (with symbol and display mode support) & Routes.  Tracks can also be stored in order to be re-transmitted to other Garmin GPS (II+, 12 ,12XL, 48. eTrex, eMap, ...) or any Garmin compatible software.




To load GPilotS-en.prc, GPSlib*.prc & GPSutil*.prc in your PalmPilot, use the standard procedure or use your preferred install tool.

Standard procedure (for Windows):


Communication with the GPS : set the protocol (INTERFACE) to GRMN/GRMN
Warning: When starting GPilotS for the first time after an upgrade from a version earlier than V4.5, GPilotS will convert your data (waypoints & tracks) to a new internal format and delete your routes. After having backed-up your points (via HotSynch or GPS Transfer), confirm conversion.

Clic on  to start GPilotS.

GPilotS starts with one of the 3 possible displays: Waypoints, Routes or Tracks. To switch display clic on on menu -> display then the desired display.

C. Claveleira , (Doc: G. Darmon ) -  February 2002