2006-02-05 : Experimental version with fixes for export functions : 6.5b3

2006-01-06 : Experimental version with export functions : 6.5b2
New :

-Export functions : exports tracks, routes and waypoints in GPX format (http://www.topografix.com/gpx.asp) to "/PALM/Programs/GPilotS" if you have a PalmOS>4.0 with a memory expansion card or in memos if you haven't.

-Backlight management when logging tracks

2005-01-30 : GPilotS open source
GPilotS' source is now available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpilots/
Contributions welcome !

2004-05-21 : Version 6.4

Main improvements :

-fixed (in)famous "error in coordinates" edit waypoint bug

-fixed the no <0 altitude bug

-new font for wpt names on map form

-tracks length can be computed (Track form, Track menu)

-waypoints now clickables in map form : a click shows associated
comment, a double click enters edit form

-search field in main form to search waypoints by names

-selected track keep between invocations

-wpt sort by bearing

-fixed wpt display bug for D103 and D107 types

-support of PalmOS 5 without ldserlib

2004-01-03 : Version 6.3 beta 2

Main improvements :

-support of the "new" serial manager (and so PalmOS 5), now you may chose any serial
port available on your Palm, even USB (not tested) :-)

-multi data bases : you may create and choose other data bases than the
default RteDB-GPil.pdb, TrkDB-GPil.pdb and WptDB-GPil.pdb to store your
routes, tracks and wpts and, yes, you may move your routes, tracks and
wpts between data bases :-)

-scrollbar in the main form

-backup bit on modified data bases (they should be backed up when

-more functions in select mode

-Potsdam Rauenberg datum

2003-07-06 : Version 6.2 available

a new select mode to allow manipulation and sending of waypoints,
routes and tracks individually

a new "speed profile" drawing function for tracks

a new "nav" function to [t]rack or [l]og current position at
selected intervals

graphical display of routes and waypoints

possibility to display 2 tracks simultaneously (useful when
using tracks as maps)

support of D105 waypoint format

datum is now set in preferences

cleaning of UI

various improvements and bug fixes

spanish version (thanks to Carlos Marcante)

migration to SDK 4 and new developpment tools

2002-02-05 : Version 5.0 beta6 available

New graphical features : traces and waypoints display with zoom, panning, scale, proximity distance...

 Support of almost all Garmin waypoints symbols (thanks to Steffen Kirbach for his bitmap)

 Improvement of user interface

 New compact format (without time and altitude) for track points allowing tracks of almost 6000 points. Useful to use tracks as maps.

 "next waypoint" feature in edition form allowing creation of multiple waypoints without quitting this form

 GPS76 and new eMap support (not tested)

 Possibility of conversion of a waypoint format, when editing it, if it's not the same as the emulated gps'

German translation of the documentation (thanks to Thomas Hasse)

2001-09-25 : Version 4.5 available
Stable version without debugging
2001-05-02 : Version 4.5beta7 released
eTrex and eMap tracks now work !
Menu button crash in waypoint edition form fixed.
2001-02-08 : Version 4.5.beta5 released
Altitude now editable for eMap/eTrex waypoints
No more strange elements (links) in eMap/eTrex routes
eMap/eTrex routes now editables
Bug fixed to stop transmission after the last route in the category to send
Update of german translation
New gpslib : V1.15, fix for getting eTrex tracks headers
2000-12-22 : Version 4.5.beta4, eTtrex and eMap supported.
Major changes : support of other formats than GII+ family's, especialy eTrex and eMap ones.
Conversion from one format to another (from GII+ to eMap for example)
Support of proximity distance and color in waypoint edition.
Emulation of several GPS types in host mode and wpt edition.
Waypoints categories now selectable in route edition form.
Route number editable.
New "Download new..." menu command to store only new waypoints from GPS
German version (thanks to Thomas Riethmüller and Edgar Lunnebach)

Warning : internal data bases have their format changed. New versions aren't compatible with 4.4xx. Altough waypoints and tracks will be converted at first run.