NMEA Mon, a little NMEA monitor for PalmPilot

News :

Version 3.3 (June 2003) :
Several pages of tabs may be displayed now
New sentences : AAM, APB, BWC, VPW, VTG, XTE, ZDA
version 2.2 (Aug  2002) :
Nmea sentences are now fully recorded (with checksum)

version 2.1 (may 2002) :

New raw mode : all sentences received are displayed as is in a scrolling list.
In raw mode all sentences received are recorded
Baud rate now selectable
Preferences saved between sessions

version 2.0 (oct 2001) :

Recording function (NMEA sentences recorded in memo at regular intervals)
DPT and WPL decoding
Fixed a bug in buffer management
version 1.4 (may 2001)  :
Added decoding of GGA, RMB, GSA, graphic display for GSV

  Christian Claveleira